LoTW Verified

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LoTW Verified

Beitrag von YO5LD » Donnerstag 22. Februar 2018, 23:31

Hello Ben,

Is it possible to keep the LoTW/QSL Confirmed and Verified fields sepparately?
Now, in case of an lotwreport.adi imported, it doesn't keep the verified fields.
This matters, when uploading the adif exported by UcxLog to Clublog (for example).

For example, I manually edited my adif file to have QSL_RCVD flag set as V for the verified QSOs. If I upload this adif to Clublog it is okay there (qso's show up as verified).
If I import this into UcxLog, qso's say QSL received, but if I try to export these from UCXLog to adif, the 'verified' status is lost. It will become only 'C'.


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Re: LoTW Verified

Beitrag von DL7UCX » Freitag 23. Februar 2018, 08:24

Hello Dani,

I do not understand why you want to see the "Verified" (= Award granted) LOTW QSL state in the log program.

From the point of view of the log program there is no difference between "Confirmed" and "Verified".
Both mean that you have this point for a award finally obtained :arrow: You have not longer to look for this point on the bands.

The "verified" is only interesting if you go to the LOTW "Award" site.
And there you see the this state and you see if you have to award for the credit or if it is already awarded.

Why do you want to see the state "Verified" in Clublog?

73 Ben