DX Cluster Problems

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DX Cluster Problems

Beitrag von MD0MDI » Mittwoch 18. September 2013, 21:00

I am having a problem with the DX cluster Telnet windows, they seem to be very unstable..

If I try to login to a local cluster here using my login and password (the cluster is gb7mbc.spoo.org:8000) it does not except my password?

If I try to use db0sue.de it only stays logged in for about 20 seconds and then disconnects, and then it will not login automatically even though it is ticked.

I have the same from other clusters.

However, I am able to connect to the same dxclusters using another Ham software without any issues.

Any ideas..

And before you ask, there are no firewalls on the Ham radio systems, and all telnet ports are open.
All the best,

James (MD0MDI)

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Re: DX Cluster Problems

Beitrag von DL7UCX » Donnerstag 19. September 2013, 18:29

Hello James,

I found a problem during password change, please try 7.32 Beta 1.

I can not see the logout problem, sri.

73 Ben

PS: Please note that Telnet Login and Password are always the same for both telnet windows. I will disable these fields in the telnet 2 window.