Send Window Macros

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Send Window Macros

Beitragvon MD0MDI » 23. Februar 2015, 03:08

hi Ben,

I was asked to setup a friends UcxLog and he was mainly interested in using the 'Send' option with a WinKey compatible interface (G4ZLP) to send CW and then use Fldigi to receive, after many hours of fun trying this out with him I have found it to work really well, especially the ability to use UcxLog and the Send window to send preset 'Macros' as well as the ability to type as you send.

My question is this, I have set up some Macros under the 4 different 'Sets' that are available.

Is there a way to copy these settings to a USB stick so that I can take them to his PC and then install them? I looked through the directory for the files that holds these but it was not too easily apparent.

All the best,

James (MD0MDI)

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Re: Send Window Macros

Beitragvon DL7UCX » 23. Februar 2015, 10:46

Hello James,

You can right-click to any F... field or click at the ? in the middle of the send window.
In the pop-up menu choose "Copy ALL F.. textes to clipboard".
Use a simple editor to insert clipboard into a text file.
You can do this for all 4 text sets.
Transport the file to the other PC.
Copy 11 lines from file into clipboard.
Use pop-up menu in the destination send window and do "Copy clipboard into ALL F.. textes".

73 Ben

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